Xlyne X29W Smartwatch 2.4 cm 0.95 inch Zwart

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Over Xlyne X29W Smartwatch 2.4 cm 0.95 inch Zwart

Synchronize the XLYNE Smart watch with your smart phone and you can access all functions of your phone: Call your friends and co-workers, page them on Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook, take and share photos, send text messages or e-mails. You also can listen to radio or fall asleep listening through your music collection. The XLYNE Smartwatch will wake you up and remind you of appointments thanks to the in-built calendar. Additionally, with the help of the pedometer which counts the steps you walked and calculates the calories, you can do something for your help. The Smart Watch by XLYNE has an in-built efficient battery (3.7V/450mAh) so that it is incredibly powerful. With a stand-by time of 72 hours it is also really reliable. Six hours of call time also ensure that you will get the latest news from your friends, organize your work and make sure your loved ones are alright until you get home. And if it takes a bit longer, you can sweeten the time you are waiting with listening to up to 8 hours of music. The Smart Watch by XLYNE is incredibly light Thanks to the weight of only 55g and the dimensions of 58 x 39 x 12.5mm you can barely feel the watch on your wrist and it doesn t obstruct your daily work or disturbs you when relaxing. Thanks to it s elegant and plain design, the Smart Watch by XLYNE is also a real eye-catcher, it suits to almost any outfit! But the Smart Watch by XLYNE doesn t only look good while making your life easier. With the big touch display (240 x 240mm) you always have the perfect view on your tasks, calls and appointments. You won t forget to share the latest news with your friends. And thanks to the Smart Watch by XLYNE capturing those precious moments just became much easier. And not only that, you also can use your favourite apps if you need to take a break (feature not available in combination with iOS).